Scientific Programming (EN)

This program is provided in English to all students and staff of the University of Amsterdam. The first parts will be offered from September 2019, and the final part will be offered from February 2020 onwards.

Scientific Programming is a 12-credit course that aims to teach you to program in Python with special attention to scientific applications. We assume no programming experience and our primary goal is to help you program well.

Note that this course is not part of and cannot be combined with the Programming Minor.

1. Scientific programming

We’ll introduce you to Python using a selection of scientific applications, from the fields of physics, biology, artificial intelligence, sociology and more.

2. Data processing

Building on your experience with solving problems in Python, you’ll learn about working with larger or unstructured datasets and gain insights by summarizing, filtering and modeling.


Starting in semester 1

period dates course
1 + 2 september-december Scientific Programming 1
1 + 2 september-december Scientific Programming 2
4 + 5 february-may Data Processing

Starting in semester 2

period dates course
4 + 5 february-may Scientific Programming 1
4 + 5 february-may Scientific Programming 2


Generally speaking, there are no prerequisites to start this track. If you have taken a 3 credit course on Python programming in a scientific setting, you can possibly skip the first course. If you have already taken courses in R or Python before, this series may not be for you. Let us know which course you took and in which programme, and we may be able to help you decide. Other than that, note that the courses need to be taken in the order specified above!


To enroll, use the following course codes in SIS:

To enroll as UvA staff, please refer to and use the same course codes. You can choose to have the university pay your course fees (this is offered as a “perk” by the university and the fee is not taken from your own department’s budget).