Our courses in English

Our two introductory courses are available in English (in the 2018-2019 schedule). You'll learn how to make fun games, websites, and lots more! Like our Dutch-speaking students, you will be using an online Harvard course, supplanted with programming labs where our experienced teaching assistants can help you take your first steps in learning to program.


The offering

Credits: 2 courses of 6ec each
Schedule: between 3 September 2018–21 December 2018 and 4 Februari 2019–31 May 2019
Workload: at least 10 hours a week is recommended for passing one course per semester
Attendance: bi-weekly meetings with your tutor are compulsory

The two courses are:

  • Programmeren 1. This part starts at the very beginning and teaches you the basics of programming and introduces you to computer science.

  • Programmeren 2. This part closely fits the first part (which you'll need to pass before starting this one!) and prepares you to learn new programming languages and platforms yourself.

So how does it work in practice? You'll get your theoretical background from online video lectures. As soon as you submit an assignment, your TA will grade it and provide personal in-depth feedback that you can use to improve future submissions. All course materials are in English, as well as the exam. However, seminars are not available, so most of your time in this course will be spent on practicing with weekly programming assignments. Of course, our lab staff can assist you in English with whatever questions you have about your assignments!

Together, we'll work out a schedule that fits your other courses. If you'd like, you can take both courses in one semester. But if you have less time to spare, the courses can be spread out over the whole year.


Cost and enrolment

To enroll, you'll need to be a fully paid parttime or fulltime student at the University of Amsterdam. You should then be able to add our courses through the SIS course enrolment system. Course codes are 50621PRP6Y and 50622PRP6Y.

Are you an employee of the university? Let us know and we'll set you up with a special enrolment form. In many cases, the university will fully pay your tuition for our courses.

Do you have questions about the program or the enrollment process? Let us know!